Two Week Vacation!

Posted in Humour on November 24th, 2015

I work endless hours and I have been doing so for over five years! My boss just refuses to hire anyone else, so I am one person that is working a job that takes two people. The money is great, the over-time is great but I never have much time to go out and do the things that I like to do.

Lately, I have been wanting to go out of state to visit some relatives that I have not seen for quite some time. I have been hinting around to my boss that I need a weeks vacation. He surprised me yesterday and told me that I can take two weeks off and to be ready to work when I come back.

When I get to my hotel the first night I am going to call the girl that I wanna fuck before I do anything else. We met a long time ago and still talk to each other on the phone about once a week.

A New Dress

Posted in Dating on November 1st, 2015

Tonight is ladies night here at Derby escorts and all of us have decided to go out to our favorite strip club here in town. Right after work I want to rush to the boutique and buy a new dress for tonight because literally everything I own for dresses are either to small or look raggedy. I know all of the other ladies are going to look their very best, so I do not want to fall short of perfection. The dress I have in mind has to be black, sleek, and have an open back to show off my mid section. As for heels I have a whole entire closet full to go through after I have the rest of my outfit fully picked out. I actually think a few other girls are coming to go through my shoe collection as well. I have more than enough to go around!

Some Spare Time

Posted in Humour on October 22nd, 2015

I have been so tired lately that I am not sure I can make it through another day at work. This weekend I have 4 days off and I will use everyday very wisely . I am going out with friends and a couple of women from Nottingham escorts on Friday, I am sure it will be a great time. I am very excited to have a little spare time in my life. For the rest of the weekend I have no plans, but that is okay because I can see myself lounging around on the couch and relaxing rather than sitting at work running around going crazy all day long. I have a feeling that when I am on my vacation I am not ever going to want to go back to work.

The various Hindu festivities

Posted in Telephone on August 25th, 2015

The Hindu Religion has many different types of festivals. Some of the Hindu festivals help celebrate the harvest and some are to uplift and praise the birth of God or for individuals that are heroes. The Hindu religion revolves around mythology. Many festivals celebrate Hindu mythology.

During the observation of some of these festivals, some individuals opt to fast. The fasting is a way to show praises and worship to the deities and including hindi phone sex. One major Hindu festival is Pongal. Pongal is a festival that marks the celebration of the suns journey northward. This festival takes place in the middle of January.

The typical Pongal festival lasts for approximately three to four days. While individuals celebrate in the festivities they can also take part in the eating of rice boiled with fresh milk. Once the rice is finished boiling, the participants can eat it with brown sugar, cashews, various nuts, even raisins.

Taken For A Ride

Posted in Dating on July 10th, 2015

I was in relationship for over twenty years with my high school sweetheart. He decided that he wanted to be with someone else and not me any more. I was pretty shocked and never saw anything like this coming at me at all. He moved out when I was at work and I came home to an empty house. It completely destroyed me for about a year and I was pretty depressed.

I had to struggle to buy new furniture and appliances which I had to do little by little. I told myself from that day on that I would never get into another relationship again. It has been over 5 years and I am more independent then ever. My self-esteem is way higher then it used to be and when I need my sexual desires complete, I turn to fuck buddy dating.

An Old Friend

Posted in Lifestyle on June 26th, 2015

I ran into an old friend last night at the club we were very shocked to have run into each other. I believe the last time we saw each other we were 17 years old and at a Thanksgiving dinner at my grandmothers house. It is crazy to think how long it has been, time sure does fly. Now we’re both 33 and have a full time jobs. He now works for Sheffield escorts, has a house of his own and a family of six. We spent the whole night reminiscing about the good old days and how we use to be so carefree and not have a worry in the world. Now that we both have families we have no time to go out and have fun like we use to, but tonight is the one night in a long time I’ve been able to sit back relax and enjoy myself a good friend.